Power Station Chemistry

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What is Power Station Chemistry?

Power Station Chemistry relates to the plant and instrumentation involved in the boiler feed water cycle chemistry, water treatment and chemical dosing systems within the power station.

A Critical Process

Efficient operation of steam turbines requires the world’s purest industrial process water. Incorrect chemical control of boiler and feed water systems can lead to corrosion and/or scaling of critical plant components causing costly failures, downtimes and loss of competitive advantage.

Chemical control of boiler and feed water systems requires application of specialist knowledge and methodologies in line with industry guidelines and worlds best practice. Failure to maintain correct chemical operating parameters can result in significant plant damage.

Our Approach

Maintaining a competitive advantage in todays power generation market means maximizing plant efficiency and availability. Our specialist technical staff have more than 30 years experience in a wide range of power station process chemistry issues.

The integration of a comprehensive process chemistry management strategy and the implementation of the latest water treatment technologies into power station operating and asset management business planning will help to achieve this aim.

Why Use Verico

Our experience in power station process chemistry and technology has seen Verico emerge as the leader in its field. We have a thorough understanding of statutory requirements, EPA legislation, asset management strategies and practices, and certified reporting processes required to maintain power station plant integrity. Verico has a team of certified technicians with extensive experience and knowledge in power station chemistry.

Process Chemistry – Critical Control Area in a Thermal Power Station

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Process Chemistry Services

Cycle Chemistry Control

Correct operation of chemical dosing plant and chemical instrumentation is essential to maintain efficient plant operation. Immediate corrective action is required to maintain chemical operating parameters within strict limits in line with industry standards.

Verico can perform plant audits, plant failure investigations and review documentation and operating instructions related to chemical control of boiler and feed water systems. We can also prepare and conduct technical training sessions in power station chemistry.

Demineralisation and Condensate Polishing

Production of ultra-pure water by correct operation of ion exchange water treatment plants such as demineralisation and condensate polishing is an essential component of power station chemical control. It is particularly important to prevent ingress of impurities into the boiler and feed water systems during plant startups, unit trips or condenser tube leaks.

Verico have extensive experience in ion exchange resin technology and the maintenance, operation and troubleshooting of ion exchange water treatment plants.

Water Treatment and Management

Water treatment and management on power station sites forms an integral part of the operating strategy. Whether it is control of legionella bacteria in cooling water systems or treating waste water to comply with environmental licenses, incorrect water treatment can result in financial penalties, OH & S issues and noncompliance with statutory requirements.

The Verico process chemistry group has extensive experience in cooling water treatment and modelling power station water management.

Corrosion and Scaling Control and Investigations

Good chemical control is essential to minimise corrosion and prevent scaling of plant components.

Whether it’s a corrosion issue causing boiler tubes failures or loss of condenser efficiency due to biofouling/scale formation, corrosion and scaling issues can cause costly plant failures and down time.

Verico have specialised professionals who can carry out investigations into the root causes of corrosion and scaling using the latest technologies and condition monitoring techniques.

Boiler Chemical Cleans

Boiler chemical cleans are required every five to eight years to remove excess oxide from the internal surfaces to ensure the boiler operates in a clean and efficient manner.

Involved during the lengthy preparation process, Verico provide project management, technical expertise, specialist chemical process knowledge and advise.

During the shutdown and cleaning process, Verico perform critical equipment testing, coordination of spare parts and maintenance staff, chemical spill action plans and ensure 24 hour continuous monitoring by chemical analysts during the chemical clean process.

Process Chemistry Course

Register your interest to attend Verico’s Power Station Chemistry Course by completing the form available below.

Training sessions are held at our Warabrook facility in Newcastle, NSW. If you have more than one person interested in attending from your organisation, you must each complete your own registration form.

If you require additional information on the course, please contact Bruce Leitch, Chemical Process Manager on +61 2 4941 5338 or via bruce.leitch@verico.com.au


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