Power Station Chemistry Course

Verico's Power Station Chemistry Course is a four-day intensive training course that focuses on the practical application of power station chemistry in a variety of plant types and applications. The course goes beyond simply establishing an understanding of the power station plant and processes, to a deeper consideration of identifying problems, developing solutions and considering plant design and optimisation strategies.

Course Content

The comprehensive training course will cover a broad range of content, including the below topics:

  • Steam/water cycle chemistry

  • Ion exchange resins

  • Reverse osmosis

  • Demineralising and polishing plants

  • Stator Cooling Water Chemistry

  • Cooling water chemistry

  • Water management and treatment processes

  • Boiler chemical cleaning

  • Corrosion and corrosion mitigation

Course format

  • Interactive modules

  • Practical demonstrations

  • Participant driven discussion

Course presenters

The course is presented by a team of subject matter experts from Verico.

Who should attend?

This course is targeted at qualified power station chemists, with typically less than five years experience, who are directly involved in the monitoring or control of chemical processes within the power industry.

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Training sessions are held at our Warabrook facility in Newcastle, NSW. If you have more than one person interested in attending from your organisation, you must each complete your own registration form.

If you require additional information on the course, please contact Bruce Leitch, Chemical Process Manager on +61 2 4941 5338 or via bruce.leitch@verico.com.au

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