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Mechanical Testing


What is Mechanical Testing?

Mechanical testing is the measurement, investigation and monitoring of an industrial plant for defects, undesirable operation or deteriorating health. Various testing technologies are implemented to determine the plant's condition or establish the cause of the fault or undesirable operation. Verico's mechanical testing team undertake routine monitoring, specialised online system development and detailed investigation and testing.

Our Approach

We apply our engineering expertise to develop innovative methodologies and solutions to achieve asset integrity and performance assurance. The Verico mechanical team analyse the problem at hand and apply our knowledge and experience to develop a solution to meet our customer's requirements.

Mechanical Testing - Typical Program Cycle


Mechanical Testing Services

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Integrated Condition Monitoring


Machinery Dynamics and Vibration Diagnostics


Specialist Mechanical Testing

  • Initial programme development

  • Vibration analysis

  • Oil analysis

  • Thermography

  • Dynamic Balancing

  • Machine train alignment

  • Multi-channel vibration diagnostics

  • Multiplane balancing

  • Turbo machinery, gas turbines, steam turbines, hydro turbines, compressors

  • Critical plant requiring in-depth specialised analysis, draglines, shovels

  • Structural vibration analysis and investigation

  • Integrated test system development

  • Strain gauging

  • Residual strain measurement

  • Acceleration and vibration

  • Machine vision

  • Pressure and load

  • Flow measurement

  • Remote online monitoring

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Reliability Engineering Services

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Performance Analysis and Improvement Services

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Online System Development

  • Failure mode effects and criticality analysis (FMECA)

  • Root cause analysis (RCA)

  • Defect elimination projects

  • Turbine heat rate testing

  • Boiler combustion testing

  • Custom system development to monitor critical plant

  • Imbedded system development

  • National instruments® and Labview® system development and integration



Typical Benefits of Engaging Verico for Mechanical Testing

Verico have a proven history of finding solutions to customer plant problems and malfunctions, either detecting plant issues early through condition-based maintenance or getting their equipment back into production as soon as possible to minimise downtime. 

Our Experience


Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group Stacker Reclaimer

Port of Newcastle, NSW

Install a range of instrumentation investigating the in-service loading of a shiploader at one of Australia’s major coal export terminals.



All enquiries will be forwarded directly to the Verico Mechanical Testing Manager.

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